Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Movable Bridges - Kinzie Street Bridge (2)

An elevation view of the Kinzie Street Bridge. I read in Historic Bridges that the toe of the bascule span (not seen in the photo) was extensively rebuilt with care to use structural members of the period. However they ruined their attempt at authenticity by using high-strength bolts instead of rivets and didn't even bother to use bolts with rivet-like ends. The blog also mentioned that the original members can be easily identified (unfortunately) by all the rust on them.

Note in this photo (and in yesterday's photo) that this bridge has three through trusses with big portal frames and lots of cross-bracing so the bridge behaves rigidly as it is raised and lowered. Unlike the more streamlined bridges to the south, the tender house for this bridge is of simple timber construction. Also note the red brick structure behind the tender house where the operating machinery and counterweight are hidden.
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