Thursday, February 4, 2010

Peru's Bridges: Puente Aguas Calientes (3)

A last look at Puente Aguas Calientes with Anshel looking back from the bridge deck. This two-span pedestrian bridge couldn't be more different from the austere Incan structures in Cusco and at Machu Picchu.  Those structures are incredibly precise, I don't think I've ever seen stonework that fit together so well. The irrigation structures still function perfectly after hundreds of years of use.

This bridge on the other hand seems individual, personal, and arbitrary in its strange, arch-like bends, varying depth, and delightfully expressive handrail. It's as if the town of Aguas Caliente celebrates the somewhat sterile architecture of the Incas with more modest and personal architectural vision.

These more eclectic structures suggests that today a gentler society exists with greater individual freedoms than existed in the past.
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