Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peru's Bridges: Puente Aguas Calientes (2)

Another view of the handmade Puente Aguas Calientes. My earthquake investigation buddies, Anshel, Gloria, Curt, and John (waving at me) are in the foreground in this photo. I think we're walking to the train station and back to Cusco.

The engine on the ancient locomotive died in the middle of our journey (in the darkness) and we had to wait several hours while they got another locomotive and somehow positioned it at the front of the train.

I remember feeling strangely vulnerable sitting in the unlighted passenger car drinking Pisco Sours and eating puffed corn. John and I played a furious game of chess on my handheld computer. I think the game ended in a draw just before my palmtop device ran out of power.
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