Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Britain: Canary Wharf DLR Station

Our idea of what's a bridge is stretched by railway platforms. Most bridges are long and thin but platforms are short and wide.This is particularly true for the Canary Wharf DLR Station which includes six platforms serving three sets of tracks on three parallel structures. However, I think that railway platforms are bridges since they are part of long structures that temporarily change their shape to allow passengers to get on and off the trains.

The nicest part of the station is not the familiar DLR bridges with their distinctive blue barrier rails, but a beautiful elliptical arch over the tracks. The Canary Wharf DLR Station was opened on November 1991. It's a short ride between the West Indian Quay DLR Station and the Heron Quays DLR Station. It's also next to the Canary Wharf Tube Station and the Canary Wharf Railway Station, each of which serves a different railroad.

I must be standing at one of the nearby stations while taking this photograph. At least, I don't think I would be standing on a third rail track that carries a train every five minutes. However, railroad bridges are usually designed with a walkway so that passengers can safely exit the train if it stops running.
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