Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Britain: Queen's College Bridge in Cambridge (2)

This is my last photo of the River Cam (a closer view of the Queen's College Bridge). I had gone to Cambridge (straight off the plane from California) to give a talk on the seismic design of bridges. As dusk approached, I was anxious to rejoin my family who were in London. I couldn't find a convenient footpath along the river, and so I made a hurried departure for the next train into London.

If you are interested in seeing the other bridges across the River Cam, Wikepedia has a good website. The Bridgemeister also shows a number of bridges. Perhaps, one day I'll be able to sit in a punt and photograph the Coe Fen, the Crusoe, the Darwin College, the Garret Hostel, the Magdalene, the Jesus Lock, and the many other bridges that cross the River Cam.

This must be a most docile river since it flows along the back steps of Cambridge University. It's less than 100 ft wide and would only require a few feet of additional head to flood most of the University.

The Queen's College Bridge seems to have obtained some improvements since the 18th century. It looks like rubber mats now protect the the wooden deck. A timber bridge must be well-made to withstand the stomping feet of adolescents for a hundred years.
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