Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Britain: Heron Quays Dockland Light Rail Bridge

We are looking at the elevated Dockland light rail system. It was developed to provide train service between London and Docklands, which includes Southwark, Greenwich, and much of the original Port of London.

The elevated structure is a haunched steel girder superstructure supported by four column bents attached to integral steel bent caps with steel bearings. Timber fenders protect the caisson foundations.

The original cranes that were used to unload cargo at the port have been retained but are no longer in use. We can see Heron Quays Station above the bridge (supported by cable stays). This whole area has changed a great deal since this photo was taken in 2001. The station was moved to provide access to a shopping center and to accommodate more train tracks. In 2006, more than 60 million passengers traveled along the 19 miles of track.
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