Friday, January 8, 2010

Peru's Bridges: Puente Rio Sihuas (1)

I thought we might continue south from Ecuador and look at some bridges in Peru. I was there a few years ago to look at bridge damage after one of the large earthquakes that occurred along the Pacific Coast. Peru is an interesting country with extremely tall mountains, a very dry desert (to the west), and the Amazonian River Basin (to the east).

Puente Rio Sihuas is on Highway 18 (the Pan-American Highway) between Arequipa and Camana at latitude16° 20.70’ S and longitude 72° 07.95’ W (we crossed the equator while looking at Walter's bridges in Ecuador).

Puente Rio Sihuas is another pony truss bridge. It has three simple steel through truss spans on pier walls and seat type abutments The superstructure is supported on tall, steel bearings.
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