Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peru's Bridges: Puente Quinones and Puente Consuelo (2)

A look at the west abutment and west retaining walls for Puente Quinones and Puente Consuelo (along the Rio Chili). Note how this structure is much more detailed than most bridges or even buildings. The retaining wall is locked into the rock like a dam and has folds and ridges that must have taken a lot of work to form.

A pedestrian overcrossing (POC) was built over Abelardo Quinones Street. The retaining walls reach up to support the blue, open, four sided structure.

I guess I find this bridge to be overly elaborate. I prefer the structural simplicity of Puente Bolivar. Still, it's an interesting experiment, and better than a lot of unimaginatively-designed bridges.
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