Monday, January 4, 2010

Ecuador's Bridges: Puente Dano Canyat sobre el Rio Bua (1)

Each of Walter's bridges is a little different. This structure has backstays on the east side that support the deck past the tower. This is a good solution when you need an extra long deck, because you can still carry it using back stays hanging from the suspension cable.

The towers are 15.5 ft tall (I have trouble sticking to meters). The main span is 141 ft, the east span is 48.3 ft, and the west tower to the west anchorage is 50.2 ft. The deck (between the tower legs) is 5.33 ft.

This is another suspension bridge with fixed towers and a short main span. It's only a few miles from the Bella Vista Bridge and it's also over the Rio Bua, which seems to be running a little faster at this location (0° 8.61' S, 79° 24.07' W).

This bridge looks in better shape than Bella Vista, even though they were both built around the same time (in 2004). Note the bamboo used as handrails on this bridge.

 Zoe's husband Ricardo is strolling purposefully across this bridge in the photo. We'll take another look at this interesting bridge tomorrow.
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