Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chilean Bridges: Pasarela Plaza Del Trebol

Another footbridge, this one carrying people from the mall over Talcahuana Way to a bus stop. I guess this structure can best be described as utilitarian. It certainly gets a lot of use.

We went to the food court in the mall for lunch. It had a huge dining area, and it was packed on a Wednesday afternoon. While we were eating, a big aftershock started shaking the mall. All the talking stopped and you could hear a pin drop. It looked like the crowd was ready to panic, but thankfully the shaking gradually subsided.

This bridge is a kind of tubular truss structure supported on four-legged towers, and enclosed in translucent plastic. This type of structure has become very popular lately and it has an interesting appearance although I don't think of it as structurally significant.

Pedestrian Overcrossings are vary common throughout Chile and are a good away of keeping people and automobiles away from each other.
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