Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tokyo Prefecture, Japan's Bridges: Kuramae-Hashi Dori Bridges across the Edogawa

September 2013 (35.7337 Degrees, 139.8997 Degrees) Kuramae-Hashi Dori Bridges
Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. I featured bridges across the Sumidagawa and Arakawa during past visits and so on this trip I'm staying at a ryokan near Koiwa Station to photograph the bridges across the Edogawa.
Tokyo uses its big rivers like the Arakawa and Edogawa as green spaces filled with parks, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields in the middle of the densely populated city.
Unfortunately the Man-Yi Typhoon was blowing when we went out today to photograph bridges. The wind gusts kept stopping our forward motion and white caps were on the river. I did manage to capture these four Warren truss bridges (made up of equilateral triangles) before my wife convinced me to head back. The parallel span Kuramae-Hachi Dori Bridges were between identical railroad bridges across the Edogawa.
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