Friday, September 6, 2013

Sacramento County, California Bridges: Alder Creek Footbridge

September 2013 (38.63749 Degrees, -121.20748 Degrees) Alder Creek Footbridge
Heading west on the Auxiliary Bike Trail I crossed over a long Glulam beam bridge on two column steel bents over Alder Creek. Its a nine span, 275 ft long bridge, and so each beam was about 30 ft long (and not very deep).

The two column bents look like they are made out of driven H piles with a steel bent cap set on top. Steel brackets connect the top of the bent caps to the Glulam beams.

Something I noticed while I was standing beside the bridge was how much noise the bicycles made crossing it. Maybe it was just loose timber planking but something was doing a lot of banging as the bikes rode over the bridge.

There must be over a hundred bicycle bridges that are part of the Jebediah Smith Bike Trail. The trail was crowded with families picnicking, boating, bicycling, and hiking when I made this trip during 'Labor Day' weekend.
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