Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Niigata Japan's Bridges: Ukawa Bridge across the Ugawa (2)

August 2007 (37.3641 Degrees, 138.5462 Degrees) Ukawa Bridge
Looking back downstream at the Ukawa Bridge.

It seems like most Japanese neighborhoods still have overhead distribution lines. The houses in Kashiwazaki are a mix of more modern and more traditional Japanese homes. After the earthquake, I noticed that many of the homes used propane tanks instead of natural gas pipelines. It must have varied by neighborhood though because our hotel didn't have hot water after the earthquake.

The river levees are covered in traditional Japanese slope paving, which remained intact at this location after the earthquake.
The bridge railing combines a tubular handrail with a modern undulating fence. Note the red floodgate controlling the flow of water from a tiny canal into the river.
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