Saturday, September 29, 2012

Niigata Japan's Bridges: Osu Bridge across the U River (3)

August 2007 (37.3635 Degrees, 138.5478 Degrees) Osu Bashi
Although the tall, south abutment had all the embankment damage I didn't see any signs that the waterline was damaged. However, the short, north abutment was covered in water. There's a waterline on each side of the bridge and so they might have repaired the one on the east side of the bridge earlier.

Not only was the north abutment wet, but it looked like the box girder had banged pretty hard into the backwall. Also, note just a single bearing is supporting the superstructure.

Back on the northwest side of the bridge is another plaque giving the pertinent facts about the design and construction of the Osu Bridge. It says 1978 and 1983 which must be the dates when it was designed and constructed.
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