Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tokushima Prefecture, Japan Bridges; Bridges across Konaruto Channel (2)

November 2013 (34.1892 Degrees, 134.6125 Degrees) Konaruto Channel Bridges
Three bridges cross the Konaruto Channel in northeastern Shikoku. Furthest to the east is the Muya Bridge, a big steel box girder bridge on hammerhead pier walls that carries the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway. This bridge is 536 meters long with four lanes, and it was built in 1987.
Just west of the Muya Bridge is the Small Naruto Bridge, a four span suspension bridge with an interesting 'A' shaped tower supporting the middle of the bridge. This bridge is 441 meters long with 160 m long middle spans and it was opened to traffic in 1961.
The westernmost bridge across the Konaruto Channel is a 530 meter long three span cable-stayed bridge (also called the Small Naruto Ohashi) with a 280 meter long center span that was built in 1998. I wasn't able to photograph it, but interested readers can view it by using the following link to another website
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