Sunday, October 14, 2012

Niigata Japan's Bridges: Two Steel Bridges across the U RIver

August 2007 (37.332 Degrees, 138.565 Degrees) U River Bridges
Two almost identical two span bridges across the U River. The red bridge has a tall three column (pile extension) bent while the beige bridge has a short four column (pile extension) bent. Also, the barrier rail is nicer on the beige bridge (the red bridge has a barrier used for roads). Both steel girder bridges have the same riveted splices along the webs and similar drop bent caps.
 In the photos below, we see that the red bridge has just a single lane while the beige bridge has two lanes, nicer expansion joints, and the familiar concrete pedestal with name plate at the abutments.
I'm not sure exactly where these two bridges cross the U River. The photos were taken just after the big Hirukiru Bridges and just before the smaller Route 73 bridge so it's likely they are between those bridges. However, there is a tributary of the U River as well as several bridges before and after the Route 73 Bridge. Also, the Google Earth Photo doesn't provide enough detail to identify these bridges.
There's a big greenhouse in the Google Earth photo (below) but I don't see it in any of my photos.
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