Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miyagi, Japan's Bridges: Kitakami River Bridge (5)

March 2012 (38.547 Degrees, 141.423 Degrees) Kitakami Bridge
Looking up (into the sun) at the broken members that once connected two trusses of the Kitakami Bridge.  The purpose of these elements was carefully explained to me, but now I've forgotten the explanation. The next truss span was dragged from its piers and so these top members were broken.
A photo of the damaged abutment, which was subsequently abandoned. Note the various devices that were meant to keep the truss seated that were broken as it was carried away. Also note the replacement bridge spans (with blue girders) behind the abutment. The Ministry was able to quickly drive piles and set these replacement spans onto Route 45 while they pondered the future for this region.
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