Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miyagi, Japan's Bridges: Sakuragawa Railway Bridge (1)

March 2012 (38.691, 141.488) Sakuragawa Railway Bridge    
Continuing north on Route 45 into Shizuhama. In the background is the Sakuragawa Railway Bridge that was left stranded when the waves washed away the embankments. We are in one of many bays along the Pacific where all the buildings are gone and abandoned a year after the earthquake.
I'm particularly bad about photographing people's backsides including this shot of Prof. Saiidi from UN Reno shot on a camera with the lens wet from the rain and snow that was falling.
You can see that sections of the railway bridge are still standing over the various obstacles (river, highway, local road) while the rail, ballast, and embankment are gone. What to do with these railroads now that the no one lives here is still being decided.
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