Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miyagi Japan's Bridges: Oritachi Bridge in Minami Sanriku

March 2012 (38.647, 141.437) The Oritachi Bridge
Driving north from the Kitakami Bridge, Route 45 cuts inland before returning to the ocean in the Minami Sanriku District at Sakuragawa Bay. The entire district was damaged by the tsunami including at this location. 

The floodgates (behind the building in the photo below) were damaged and the area was inundated by the waves. The Oritachi Bridge was washed away (where a blue replacement bridge can be seen on the right side of the photo). The Oritachi Bridge was a two span precast girder bridge that was completed in 1992.
The last photo shows how the area looked immediately after the tsunami. The floodgates can be seen in the background and the Oritachi Bridge (minus the superstructure and approaches) is in the foreground.
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