Friday, May 11, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: Arakawa Railway Bridges (1)

March 2012 (35.757 Degrees, 139.810) Arakawa Railway Bridges
The next six bridges are long through trusses carrying railway lines over the Arakawa. In the photo above (and below) we are looking at the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Bridge, The Joban Line Bridge, and the Tsukuba Express Line Bridge. The last bridge must be fairly new since there was no train service into Tokyo when I lived in Tsukuba (in 1994). 
Each railway line has cars in different colors and styles, maybe so you can be sure which train you are boarding. And each bridge has its own color too. The Chiyoda Line has a fresh coat of blue paint and the Joban Line looks old and rusty, but the Tsukuba Express Line looks shiny and new. Each bridge carries two sets of tracks across the Arakawa.
Tomorrow we'll look at the next two railway bridges across the Arakawa. I guess you need lots of railway lines and lots of railway bridges to move 30 million people around every day. 
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