Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nevada County, California Bridges: Truckee River Bridge (2)

December 2012 (39.3331 Degrees, -120.1626 Degrees) Truckee River Bridge
After doing a little digging around, I found that the Truckee River Bridge was one of eight bridges that won the '2002 Award for Excellence' from the Portland Cement Association.

Jury Comments: This is a terrific example of how to accomplish a lot with very simple elements. Assemble just the right shapes, give them just the right proportions, and the effect is an extremely elegant bridge that fits its environment very well.

More information about the bridge and the award can be obtained by going to the PCA website.

I thought it was interesting that no individual was given credit for the bridge design. The engineer is Caltrans Office of Engineering Services and the architect is Caltrans Bridge Architecture and Aesthetics Branch.
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