Friday, May 6, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Victoria Bridge across the Brisbane River in Queensland (3)

March 2011 (-27.472 deg., 153.021 deg.) Victoria Bridge

A last look at the Victoria Bridge. It cost $3.2 million Australian in 1969 and it still looks pretty good.  

In California when we build a box girder bridge, we make the soffit continuous under the girders. However this bridge has three separate box girders connected by a precast deck. I've seen precast deck panels that are connected by closure pours over the webs. Maybe this bridge has something similar. Nice looking light poles too.

This area is getting crowded with bridges, and its going to get worse. They're going to build a parallel structure since the current bridge is mostly devoted to heavy occupancy vehicles. I like to have some distance between bridges, especially between elegant bridges, and I think the river will become less attractive with wall to wall bridges.

You can see the new Kurilpa Bridge in the background.
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