Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Goodwill Bridge across the Brisbane River in Queensland (3)

March 2011 (-27.481 deg., 153.029 deg.) Goodwill Bridge

I found a much clearer photo of the Goodwill Bridge. There was some debate about the bridge's appearance with many people thinking it's a mess while other people (such as architectural lecturer Elizabeth Musgrave) really liking it. 

I've grown quite attached to it myself, after spending the last three days studying it. The separate parts have come together in my mind to tell a story about rivers and the history of bridge design. Part of the challenge and the adventure comes from building a really long pedestrian bridge. It's about the same length as the Millennium Bridge in London and Arup was the engineer on both bridges, but the Goodwill Bridge seems to have more spirit.

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