Monday, May 23, 2011

Algeria's Bridges: Le Pont des Chutes across the Rhumel River in Constantine

March 2011 (36.380 deg., 6.605 deg.) Le Pont des Chutes

My friend Allaoua told me that this bridge is named Le Pont des Chutes, because it is directly above a waterfall. It's at the bottom of the ravine and across the Rhumel River but I couldn't find much other information about it. 

I noticed my readership went down when I switched from Australia back to Algeria. In the figure below you can see I'm followed mainly in the U.S. with some additional readers in Canada, Western Europe, Siberia, Pakistan, and Australia. I think that I appeal to English readers because I write in English. For instance, Australia is dark green because I just spent two months writing about Australian bridges in English. I don't get many Algerian readers because I can't write in Arabic (or French). Why I have readers in Siberia and Pakistan is a mystery. 
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