Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Algeria's Bridges: Le Pont de la Gare across the Rhumel River in Constantine

March 2011 (36.380 deg., 6.605 deg.) Le Pont de la Gare
The last photo that Hadj sent me was of the bridge to the train station (Le Pont de la Gare). Allauoa thought it might also be called El-Kantara.

It must be rough living with a giant ravine going through the middle of your town. I read that the Sidi M'Cid Bridge was built after a hospital was put on one side of the ravine. Apparently, the long ambulance ride around the ravine took too long to save the severely ill and injured.

Most of the bridges in Constantine were built by the French or the Turks. There are more interesting bridges in the city that we still haven't seen. I read that a new cable-stayed bridge by Dissing-Weitling was recently built.  Perhaps Hadj will send us some more bridge photos in the future?
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