Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sacramento County, California Bridges: Orangevale Bridge across Gold Creek (1)

August 2013 (38.68091 Degrees, -121.19427 Degrees) Orangevale Avenue Bridge
New bridges are easier to photograph while older bridges are often surrounded by thickets of overgrown blackberries and poison oak.

According to the Bridgehunter, the Orangevale Avenue Bridge was once on the Lincoln Highway, which was the fastest route from New York to San Francisco. Later this bridge carried citrus from Orangevale and Citrus Heights to processing and shipping plants in Folsom.

This 98 year old bridge is about to get replaced by what the Bridgehunter calls a UCEB, an Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge.

I'm not in love the past. Still, this open spandrel arch bridge, with its nicely sculpted floor beams and barrier, is a nice reminder of the care that should be taken when building something to last 100 years.
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