Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Silverwater Bridge across the Parramatta River in NSW

March 2011 (-33.824 deg., 151.051 deg.) Silverwater Bridge

The ferry went another two miles upstream before reaching the next Parramatta River Crossing.

The Silverwater Bridge has a six span superstructure with four continuous, haunched concrete box girders on double pier wall bents. The bridge was completed in 1962 and carries Route 6 between the towns of Silverwater and Ermington over the Parramatta River.

I couldn't find much else about this bridge (who built it, how it was built, etc.). If anyone has more information about this handsome river crossing, please let us know.
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Unknown said...

The Silverwater bridge was built by Department of Main Roads on 10th November 1962. A road bridge over the Parramatta River which replaced a smaller timber structure. The new bridge was the first box-girder construction built in Sydney