Saturday, April 30, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Captain Cook Bridges across the Brisbane River in Queensland (2)

March 2011 (-27.481 deg., 153.029 deg.) Captain Cook Bridges

Another view of the Captain Cook Bridges. They have five continuous spans resting on squat trapezoidal piers. The longest span is 600 ft  and the bridges are 1821 ft long. They carry the most traffic across the Brisbane River, more than a million vehicles a week.  

The Brisbane River is about 200 miles long from it's source at Mt Stanley to its mouth in Moreton Bay. In this photo you can still see mangroves growing on the banks. There are bull sharks in the river and the tide can flow 60 miles upstream. Despite being dammed, the river flooded in January causing considerable damage. A big section of the Riverwalk broke free and threatened bridges downstream. Tugboat operators managed to get hold of it and guided it around bridge piers without it causing any damage.
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