Saturday, April 16, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Eddy Avenue Bridges at Sydney Central Station

March 2011 (-33.882 deg., 151.208 deg.) Eddy Avenue Bridges

During my visit, I stayed near Sydney's Central Station, which is the oldest and largest train station in Australia. Most intercity, suburban, and urban travel terminates here and it's built of the same red sandstone as most of the older bridges around Sydney.

The front of the station is on Eddy Avenue. There's a riveted-steel plate girder bridge on stone piers. Behind it is a wide, three span, reinforced concrete railway bridge with the soffit curved to simulate arches and faced with sandstone (it is continuation of the bridge over Hay Street that was shown on March 9, 2011). There are three spans of 45.5 feet. It was designed by the engineering staff of the New South Wales Government Railway (NSWGR) and built by the Metropolitan Railway Construction Branch in 1923.
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