Saturday, April 9, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Camellia Utility Bridge across the Parramatta River in NSW

March 2011 (-33.815 deg., 151.026 deg.) Camellia Utility Bridge

Next to the Camellia Railway Bridge is another utility bridge with two waterlines across the Parramatta River. It looks like there's room for a third pipeline, maybe in the future. The bridge doesn't have a deck, just some floor beams to support the pipes. It's a three span through truss bridge (about 400 ft long) with interesting two column bents that includes infill walls with two oval holes. 

We are all standing on the deck of the RiverCat ferry enjoying the river, which has become quite narrow as we continue upstream. Its a pretty river, which used to be quite polluted until an effort was made to stop industry from pouring waste into it.
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Alan said...

Looks like this might be a recycled truss? The bents & pipeline don't seem contemporaneous to the truss itself. So maybe when they built the new railway bridge they scooted the old bridge sideways (where it may have temporarily continued in railway service while the new bridge was built), then re-purposed it for pipeline use?