Friday, April 22, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Glebe Viaducts in NSW (2)

March 2011 (-33.875 deg., 151.177 deg.) Glebe Viaducts

This photo of the Glebe Viaduct in Jubilee Park was taken half a mile away from the ANZAC (Cable-Stayed) Bridge.  Consequently, we don't see much of this bridge, which is the longest masonry viaduct in New South Wales.

According to the Heritage Branch Website, "The bricks are laid in English bond pattern with soldier courses defining the archways. The arches are evenly spaced, being 28 x 10.06m (33 feet) clear spans. The viaduct stretches approximately 446.5 metres, making it the largest brick viaduct in the NSW rail system."

I imagine the bricks came from the Brick Pit by Olympic Park that we visited on March 27th and 28th. A few years ago the viaducts were modified with catenary poles and an overhead power line to carry the Metro Light Rail. 

On our last night in Australia, we walked to Glebe for dinner just as it started to rain. However, when we asked where the closest train station was to get back to Sydney, we were told it was Central Station!
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