Sunday, April 23, 2017

Monterey County, California Bridges: Bridges Near the Town of Bradley

July 2016 (35.80806, -120.85556) Nacimiento Lake Drive Bridge
I wanted to acknowledge a few bridges that we missed in our survey of Monterey County. The Nacimiento Lake Drive Bridge (44C0009) over the San Antonio River is a single lane Pratt truss bridge (with a steel deck) that was built by the Jones and Laughlin Steel Company in 1921. Note the guides on the deck to keep vehicles from banging into the truss members. Photos of details and modifications to the truss provided by Craig Philpott are on the Bridgehunter Website.

State Highway 101 is carried over a county road on the Jolon Road Bridges (44 0009R/L) in Bradley. The parallel bridges have three span haunched T beam superstructures and were built in 1936.
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