Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bridges of Lyon, France: Passerelle du College across the Rhone River

September 2016 (45.7643, 4.8397) Passerelle du College
The Passerelle du College is a pedestrian bridge that was built to carry children to school. It was almost completed when a cable swage broke, sending workers into the Rhone where 8 people drowned. After the accident, the bridge was quickly completed (in 1845). During WWII, the bridge was determined to be a danger to the retreating German Army and one of the piers was destroyed. The bridge was carefully rebuilt after the war (in 1945).
The Passerelle du College is a three span bridge with suspension cables and stays supporting the main and back spans and additional cables without stays to help support the main span (see above photo).
Looking west across the Rhone, we can see that the piers are protected by tiny islands that have trees and perhaps a garden? The closer pier has an inscription on top commemorating its reconstruction after WWII.
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