Friday, December 9, 2011

Japan's Bridges: Tagohashi Bridges in Miyagi Prefecture (1)

June 2011 (38.2867 Degrees, 140.9627 Degrees) Tagohashi Bridges
We returned to the Nanakitagawa and came upon three bridges in a quiet neighborhood, unrelated to any major highway. Perhaps that's why the roadway bridge remains closed three months after the earthquake. Actually the two bridges on the right share the same pier (or pier widening). Perhaps both decks were originally roadway bridges, but the one on the far right now is used only to carry pedestrians.

They are four span steel girder bridges that slammed into the abutments (or maybe the abutments slammed into the girders) during the March earthquake. The utility bridge remains undamaged. A sign on the pedestrian bridge said it was built in 1967 but they look older and are in poor shape. Maybe they aren't being repaired because they are in poor condition? We'll take another look at them tomorrow.
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