Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Japan's Bridges: Sendai Station POC in Miyagi Prefecture

June 2011 (38.260 Degrees, 140.880 Degrees) Sendai Station POC
There are many elaborate pedestrian overcrossings in Sendai, but this structure around Sendai Station is easily the biggest. It's about six blocks long and carries passengers above city's streets to public parking and to the many station platforms.

I've recently started taking GPS cameras on my journeys. I just take a lot of photos without paying much attention to where I am. When I get back home, I load the photos onto my iMac. iPhoto turns the photos into little red dots on a map. Picasa provides the latitude and longitude of each photo. I type these coordinates in Google Earth to see where I was. For instance, when I typed today's latitude and longitude into Google Earth, I saw this enormous structure wrapping around the buildings in downtown Sendai.
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