Friday, December 16, 2011

Japan's Bridges: Sendai Port Bridges

June 2011 (38.286 Degrees, 141.032 Degrees) Sendai Port Bridges
Some utility bridges in Sendai Port. The port was badly damaged by the tsunami. Row after row of newly built Hondas and Toyotas were sitting in vast parking lots around the port and they were picked up and destroyed by the waves.

In the photo above, several utility lines hang from a Warren truss bridge that had some damage to its left approach. Behind it is a girder bridge that is arched to help support its load. Around the bridges are damaged slope paving and embankments. Just outside of the photo are rows of gas and liquid tanks. One of them must have caught fire after the tsunami because photos and videos showed it burning through the night.

Behind me were the cranes used to load and unload shipping containers. Many of them were off their rails or their mechanisms had been contaminated by seawater. Damaged shipping containers had been picked up and re-stacked. Container ships were also picked up by the waves and now sat among the debris. They said it would be a year before the port could be repaired. So how are all the new cars getting to the dealers?

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