Thursday, November 24, 2011

Utah's Bridges: Manderfield Interchange in Beaver County

May 2006 (38.4131 Degrees, -112.6522 Degrees) Manderfield Interchange
My last photo from Utah is of this T girder bridge over I-15. The bridge has big embankments at both ends that carry intersections with four way traffic. However, this bridge is only 238 ft long while yesterday's steel bridge was almost 300 ft long although it only had two spans.

According to UglyBridges this bridge was built in 1964, it has a sufficiency rating of 84.6, and it carries 454 vehicles a day. The average daily traffic on today's bridge is much higher than on yesterday's bridge and also much higher than the traffic this bridge carried just ten years before. I wonder what economic calculations are done to justify building a bridge?
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