Monday, November 7, 2011

Utah's Bridges: Hog Springs Bridge in Garfield County

May 2006 (37.963 Degrees, -110.492 Degrees) Hog Springs Bridge
I continued riding my bike south on State Route 95 to PM 33.1 and the trailhead for Hog Canyon. There is a paved parking lot and the trail begins with a simple suspension bridge across the North Wash.  The bridge is only 70 ft long but it's supported by timber floor beams strung to steel suspension cables.

Past the bridge is a 30 minute hike through a steep canyon to natural springs, a Native American rock painting, and a waterfall. More information on Hog Springs is available on the Web
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Unknown said...

My father Alden N Brewer designed this bridge. He was always very proud of it.