Monday, November 28, 2011

Japan's Bridges: Nagamachi Railway Bridges in Miyagi Prefecture (1)

June 2011 (38.2336 Degrees, 140.8891 Degrees) Nagamachi Bridges
A little north of the JR Natori River Bridge is the Nagamachi Railway Station and three arch bridges over Route 4. I took this photo at dusk after walking along the Shinkansen viaducts, which can be seen behind the arch bridges. This is a nice example of multimodal transportation with bicycle lanes, a highway, four railway bridges (including the one for the bullet train).

This photo doesn't convey the activity of a busy train station. Part of the reason is that the entrance is up ahead and around the corner. Also, I think that Sendai Station (a couple miles away) is more active. It may also be due to the recent large earthquake and tsunami.

It's hard to believe that a few miles to the east, everything was washed away by the tsunami. In fact, the area along the tracks north of the Natori River is filled with prefabricated structures for those who are now homeless.
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