Saturday, October 22, 2011

Michigan's Bridges: I-94 Kalamazoo River Bridges

August 2011 (42.289 Degrees, -85.114 Degrees) I-94 Kalamazoo River Bridges
Back to the location of the haunched T-girder overcrossings in Calhoun County, but today's bridges carry I-94 over the Kalamazoo River. The bridges were built around the same time as the overcrossings (1960) and they look similar: with the same haunched spans, tall steel bearings, and slightly arched bent caps.

The Kalamazoo River Bridges are two parallel 275 ft long, four span continuous reinforced concrete T girder bridges on four column bents and seat-type abutments. Each bridge is 35.4 ft wide and carries two lanes of traffic and shoulders. The Historic Bridges Website bemoans the replacement of the original barrier rails and gives these bridges a 'historic rating' of only 1. However, they can be easily seen from Calhoun County's Historic Bridge Park, which we'll visit tomorrow.
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