Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bridges of Lyon, France: Passerelle Saint Vincent across the Saone River

September 2016 (45° 46' 2.97" N    4° 49' 40.31" E) Passerelle Saint Vincent
The last bridge that I photographed across the Saone was the Passerelle Saint Vincent, which was built in 1832. It had been scheduled for demolition by the retreating German Army but they accidentally destroyed the charges while blowing up another bridge and so it was spared. The last time it was damaged and repaired was in 1840, making it the oldest river crossing in Lyon.

It connects the Quai Pierre Scize to the Quai Saint Vincent and allows pedestrians to go from the Saint Paul District to the Saint Vincent District (and between the two churches). The bridge is at a sharp bend in the Saone which is particularly narrow at this location.The bridge is 76.5 meters (250 ft) long and 2.8 (9 ft) wide suspension bridge supported by twin stone towers at each bank.

I didn't have time to photograph the last six bridges across the Saone. These include the Passerelle de l'Homme de la Roche (Man in the Rock), Pont Koenig, Pont Clemenceau, Passerelle Masaryk, Pont Schuman, and Ile Barbe. Readers interested in learning more about all of these bridges can refer to the Wikipedia website (in poorly translated English).
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