Sunday, August 21, 2016

Monterey County, California Bridges: Chualar River Road Bridge across the Salinas River

July 2016 (36.5557, -121.5487) Chualar River Road Bridge
We picked up the Salinas River again about 20 miles south of last week's Union Pacific Railroad Bridge. At this location the original eight span, pin connected, Pratt truss bridge was replaced with a ten span continuous concrete box girder bridge in 1991 (photo of old bridge provided by Library of Congress).
The new Chualar River Road Bridge (44C0021) is 1050 ft long with an 108 ft main span on pier walls.
State Route 101 follows the Salinas River for 100 miles through Monterey County. To find these Salinas River Bridges one simply takes the various exits from 101. The Salinas River switches back and forth from the east to the west side of 101 as we continue southward. The Chualar River Road Bridge is on the west side of 101.
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