Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: Kita Jikkengawa POC

March 2012 (35.707 Degrees, 139.820 Degrees) Kita Jikken Gawa POC
The next bridge over the Kita Jikkengawa is a steel pedestrian overcrossing (POC) with long ramps parallel to the river and to the road (Asakusa Dori) south of the river. It's similar to a POC built in the U.S. with landings to give people a chance to rest on their way up.

The road is above the river and so the POC is high above the river to provide vertical clearance above the road. Just beyond the POC is the confluence of the Yoko Jikkengawa where we are going to turn south (instead of continuing to the Sumida River). We can now see the Sky Tree Tower through the clouds.
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