Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: JR Joban Bridges across the Sumida River

March 2012 (35.739 Degrees, 139.801 Degrees) JR Joban Bridges
Looking upstream from the east bank of the Sumida River are three through truss railway bridges owned by the JR Joban Line. They all look like Warren Trusses without vertical members, however the closest bridge is shallower and the elements have smaller sections. The two bridges in the back are big camelback trusses, perhaps for heavier freight trains?

It looks like they are driving steel piles for a new bridge in the foreground. However, that is an odd looking pile driver so maybe it's for pouring concrete into the piles. That would explain why those workers are busy spraying off the walkway.

From this point the Sumida River varies from a hundred yards to a mile from the Arakawa until it finally reaches its source at the Iwabuchi Flood Gate six miles from today's JR Joban Bridges. We'll be covering that distance over the next week as we study the last bridges on our journey up Sumida River.
The Sumida River winds back and forth in big lazy loops from its source at the Iwabuchi Gate.
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