Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: Chuo Bridge across the Sumida River (3)

June 2011 (35.672 Degrees, 139.784 Degrees) Chuo Bridge
One last look at the Chuo Bridge. There are sixteen cables threaded through a steel box-like element between the two tower legs. The design is simple but elegant.

Each bridge across the Sumida River has its own color scheme. The Chuo Bridge is distinctive with a white tower and blue girders. I've noticed that a bridge's colors are often chosen to match or complement the buildings around it.

This series of blogs is based on my exploration of the rivers and canals around Tokyo. We are currently traveling up the Sumida River.  When we reach the Arakawa we'll travel downstream until we arrive back at Tokyo Bay. Walking along the Arakawa is easy because there is a broad footpath that goes under every bridge. Walking along the Sumida River is more difficult because the footpath constantly appears and disappears, sometimes with big industrial areas you must walk around in order to return to the river.

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