Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sichuan China's Bridges: Tong Chi Lu Bridge in Chengdu (1)

(30.6508 Degrees, 104.054 Degrees) Tong Chi Lu Bridge
The next bridge across the Jin River is a single span bridge with three arch ribs that support the deck. Unlike the bridges we looked at in Miyagi, Japan, the bridges in China (like the ones in California) often carry watermains. We can clearly see brackets above the arches connected to the hangers that support the floor beams below the deck. Also note the architectural features on the ballusters that support the railings.

It seems like there are two kinds of through arch bridges: the kind where the arch ribs end at the deck and there's a tie to hold the arch in compression and then there are arch bridges where the ribs are anchored to foundations to keep the arch in compression.
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