Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sichuan China's Bridges: Renmin Road Bridge over the Jinjiang River

July 2008 (30.649 Degrees, 104.064 Degrees) Renmin Road Bridge
Walking along the Jinjiang (Brocade River) in Chengdu, China early in the morning. This river was extremely polluted until the city cleaned it up about fifteen years ago.  Now its banks are filled with people exercising, dancing, fishing, walking, etc.

The Renmin Road Bridge is a three span closed spandrel arch bridge over the river. The sharp cutwaters are decorated with dragons. Little alcoves above the cutwaters allow people to step out of the walkway to watch the river. The bridge is decorated with white ribbons on the arches and yellow flames on the overhangs, which gives it an intimidating appearance.

Arch bridges are popular in China. However, the Renmin Bridge (despite the dragons and the decorations) has a western appearance. Also, I can't decide if it's constructed of masonry or reinforced concrete or when it was built.
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