Monday, September 19, 2011

India's Bridges: Pada Pul Bridge across the Machchhu River in Morbi

February 2001 (22.823 Degrees, 70.839 Degrees) Pada Pul Bridge

This 700 m long masonry arch bridge crosses the wide and occasionally dangerous Machchhu River in the City of Morbi. The arches are made with white stones, the piers and closed spandrel walls are made with dark stones, and the finely detailed rail is made from wrought iron.

The bridge looks old, perhaps from before India was made a colony of the Britain. I ordered a book, "The Ancient Bridges of India," by Jean Delouche on Amazon. Perhaps it will give me more insight into this bridge's origins.

I stood on the old Majur Bridge across the Machchhu River when I took these photos.
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