Sunday, September 4, 2011

India's Bridges: Bridge across the Rudramata River near Bhuj (2)

February 2001 (23.357 Degrees, 69.695 Degrees) Rudramata Bridge

Another photo (in better focus) of the Rudramata Bridge. The towers look like they were poured from small batches of concrete with cold joints between the pours. I like the variegated colors and the shape of the towers, which couldn't have been easy to form. 

Every society has its own way of designing and building bridges. In the US, bridges are often built without much emphasis on individual expression and the bridges can have an impersonal look. In places like Singapore or Australia, it seems like there is more effort to make every bridge look special, although they can still seem a little impersonal. In countries like India or Mexico, the bridges often have a personal look, perhaps because the culture is more homogeneous or because individual craftsmanship is emphasized.
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