Friday, September 9, 2011

India's Bridges: Highway 4 Culvert Bridge near Lodai, Gujarat (2)

February 2001( 23.3893 Degrees, 69.7708 Degrees) Highway 4 Culvert Bridge

A view from the road at yesterday's culvert bridge. This structure just qualifies as a bridge, which is a structure that provides passage over an obstacle (usually water). The six 24" pipes seem inadequate for the volume of water the riverbed can carry. Still, it looks like it's survived many floods.

In India you are encouraged to hire a driver. There's not much traffic on this road, but in the cities the roads fill up with cars going in every direction. An elaborate and constant honking of horns alerts the drivers of each other's intentions.

Although this area looks somewhat desolate, it's actually filled with villages of people who can't afford automobiles. 
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